The Great Lasagna Challenge: Introduction

Personally, part of the joy that comes along with making things at home is looking at the way things can build off of each other. Making ketchup, for example, can lead to making barbecue sauce, cocktail sauce, meatloaf, etc. This is the rationale behind the great lasagna challenge, which is going to be a week-long celebration of bringing projects together.

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Here’s the rundown of events:

Monday will be making marinara sauce; Tuesday will be a two-fer, making both mozzarella and ricotta cheese; Wednesday will be the noodles, and putting everything together; Thursday will be thoughts and feedback on the process of making the dish from scratch, while Friday will be a detailed account of a meal where I make one scratch lasagna and one out of store-bought ingredients for friends and family.

This upcoming week holds both a lot of excitement and a lot of fear: this is my first shot at making cheese, and I know that there’s no guarantee things will come out as expected. This could end up being amazing, or it could end up being a total disaster. Either way, it should be a really good time.

I hope everyone will check in to see how things go through the week!


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