T-Shirt Therapy (a.k.a. The Great Cheese Caper)

Lesson learned for the day: do not plan on making cheese until we know where to get all of the odd little ingredients. On the plus side, we did find a place to pick up what we need and will be there at 11:30 tomorrow when the store opens. However, the fact that we didn’t get to make cheese doesn’t mean that the night has to be a total bust: instead, it’s time to upcycle some t-shirts!

For the unfamiliar, upcycling is the process of remaking something old or worn into something interesting and new. Today, we’re going to take a $2 t-shirt and turn it into something awesome!


As you can see above, we have the aforementioned shirt, a piece of chalk and a bleach pen. The process is simple: Draw a pattern on with chalk ( we did an outline, but not the whole patten exactly) and then draw over it with a bleach pen!

Squiggles make everything fun!
Squiggles make everything fun!

Afterwards, let the shirt sit for a while, and then wash it ALONE! Please don’t bleach an entire load of laundry on our behalf.

When it’s all said and done, you should have a shirt that’s a little more fun to wear, and may even get some compliments 🙂

Making t-shirts into tree-shirts... fantastic!
Making t-shirts into tree-shirts… fantastic!

And that’s the process: it’s not long, it’s not complicated and it’s a lot of fun. It’s also something that can be done as a family: kids can draw on a pattern they like with chalk, and dad or mom can take care of the bleach work.

Tomorrow we will return to our regularly scheduled program, only a day behind O_o

Let us know what you think of the shirt!


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