The Pinterest Conundrum, Vol. 1: So Many Choices

Most DIY enthusiasts know the feeling well: a loved one sends you a link, you’re looking for craft ideas, etc. and you head to Pinterest, where you’re bathed in page after page of well-lit, perfectly crafted examples of exactly what YOU want to create.

Welcome to the first installment of “The Pinterest Conundrum,” where we discuss the woes (and relative joys) of the craft-centric website, and how to navigate through it all.

For the uninitiated, Pinterest is an online pin board which allows you to find links relevant to your search results: An illustrated search engine for all intents and purposes, the results of which can be saved on pages created by the user. For those with crafting in their blood, it’s DIY-porn, in league with similar offenders such as Food Network and Etsy. It is the abyss, taking up hours of your life looking at soap recipes and cynical cross-stitch patterns.

Occasionally, I like to go to Pinterest and type in random word combinations just to see what pops up. For this article, I searched “Bacon Fudge,” as I thought it would be outlandish enough to limit my options, while showing something since it includes the term “bacon.” Here are the results of that search:

I can feel myself gaining weight just looking at it...
I can feel myself gaining weight just looking at it…

While only the initial results are visible, believe me when I say that this is the tip of a culinary iceberg… example after example of delights blending bacon, fudge, and all kinds of various food stuffs. The worst part? Without scrolling (After searching for a random assortment of words) I see five recipes that I have to try: Caramel-dipped bacon fudge; Maple, bacon, and walnut “Voodoo Fudge,”; Chocolate bacon truffles; Chocolate bacon bomb pie(?); and loaded maple bacon donut fries.

This is one of the many conundrums of Pinterest: With so many options it has the potential to be overwhelming. Personally, I tend to let life whittle down the results, relying on apathy and distraction to take make my selection process easier. There will always be a recipe that I don’t have the ingredients for, there will be one that I’ll forget, and one that doesn’t fit with the current amount of energy I feel like expending on a whim. It’s the circle of life: I go to Pinterest and find 50 things to do, dwell on it a while, actually make 2 to 3 things and go back to Pinterest…

Are you a Pinterest fanatic, and if so, how do you handle the immensity of it all? Leave a comment below, and stay tuned to the site for the next installment!


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