What We’re Making: September 2015

Fall is officially in the air, which means that it’s time to to turn on the oven and bake without fear of disappearing into a puddle of sweat. Here’s a brief rundown of what we’ve been cooking up in the Scratch Living kitchen:


First, we threw together a batch of turtle brownies! The recipe for this comes from “The New Best Recipe” by America’s Test Kitchen, and is a must-have for culinary geeks. In addition to simply delivering the recipe, the book also provides an explanation as to the “why,” explaining what may happen when a recipe is altered, etc.

Speaking of altering, we did veer from the beaten course slightly for these brownies. Instead of using baking chocolate, we substituted cocoa powder and oil due to not having unsweetened chocolate in our pantry. (If you’re curious, the substitution ratio is 3T cocoa powder and 1T oil for each ounce of baking chocolate.)

The results were astounding: Decadent, fudgy brownies with a slight caramel aftertaste and a nice subtle crunch from the pecans to add some variation to the consistency. This cookbook has never steered us wrong in the past, and these brownies are another success from the circa-2004 staff of America’s Test Kitchen.

DSC_0097[1]The next treats we put together were pumpkin maple gobs (or whoopie pies, depending on your location). We found this recipe via Pinterest at:


As with the turtle brownies, we took mild liberties with this recipe. The original calls for smaller cakes to be made (a small cookie scoop) however we went full-sized (a large cookie scoop), and also opted to skip the crushed bacon in the filling. This should be taken not as an affront to bacon, nor to those who bask in it’s greasy sheen. Instead, it was a matter of wanting to test the cakes and the maple filling before adding more flavors into the mix. We may add the bacon to future batches, and if so will update our review. For now, however, we’re moving forward with kosher gobs.

DSC_0099[1]These were also a success; the only real failure was neglecting to get a photo of the finished product. Instead, you’ll have to imagine two of the cakes above sandwiching a layer of maple-tinged cream-cheese icing.

The cakes were nice and airy, but had enough substance to hold the filling without crumbling. The filling itself seemed thin at first, but letting it chill in the refrigerator for approximately 15 minutes firmed it up to an excellent consistency that it maintained through the whoopie-pie constructing process.

The total sum was legitimately some of the best pumpkin gobs (whoopie pies) we’ve ever had. These are definitely a “will make again” recipe.

So far, fall is looking delicious (and fattening)around here!

Do you have any “must-make” fall recipes? Please share in the comments!

P.S. – We now have a Scratch Living Pinterest page, and we’d love for you to be our friend:

Not only can you see projects that we’ve done and projects that we’re thinking of creating, you can make suggestions as well! Want to see us try to create snow shoes? Pin it on the suggestion board! We can’t wait to see what you can find, and what we learn how to do 🙂


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