The Great Lasagna Challenge, Day 1: Marinara Sauce

We wanted to start the first day of the lasagna challenge with the marinara sauce for a very simple reason: Whatever is made first will need to keep for a few days before it’s actually used. The cheese will be best if used within a day or two, and the noodles are definitely best on the same day they’re made, so the choice was simple: … Continue reading The Great Lasagna Challenge, Day 1: Marinara Sauce

The Great Lasagna Challenge: Introduction

Personally, part of the joy that comes along with making things at home is looking at the way things can build off of each other. Making ketchup, for example, can lead to making barbecue sauce, cocktail sauce, meatloaf, etc. This is the rationale behind the great lasagna challenge, which is going to be a week-long celebration of bringing projects together. Here’s the rundown of events: … Continue reading The Great Lasagna Challenge: Introduction

New Spice (Simple and Affordable Bodywash)

Most of the projects I opt to tackle, particularly in the winter, stem from a combination of laziness and curiosity. First I look at something I need and think, “It’s way too cold outside; I really don’t feel like going to the store,” which is quickly followed by “I wonder if I could make this at home.” This is the thought process that led to … Continue reading New Spice (Simple and Affordable Bodywash)

Weekend Decadence: Vanilla Latte Bread Pudding

Normally I feel it’s nice to save photos for later in a post, to break up the wall of text, but in this case it just couldn’t be helped: this is a food that begs to be viewed. What you are seeing is a vanilla latte bread pudding, which is officially my new favorite breakfast. A warning for those watching calories: this is a rich … Continue reading Weekend Decadence: Vanilla Latte Bread Pudding

Playing with Peirogies

Being born and raised in close proximity to Pittsburgh, peirogies are a big deal. For anyone that is unfamiliar, peirogies are a type of dumpling that may contain a variety of fillings. The variety that is familiar to me is filled with a mashed potato base, which can then include cheese, garlic, spinach, etc. As of late, the issue with making peirogies, which are one … Continue reading Playing with Peirogies

Gettin’ Down with Ketchup

Ketchup is amazing! It adds a nice zip to foods, it’s full of lycopene and is an excellent (and sneaky!) way to get an additional vegetable source into kids who may be resistant. Unfortunately, ketchup is also sneaky in the fact that the commercial brands contain high amounts of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and sodium. There are varieties that forgo the HFCS, or lower the … Continue reading Gettin’ Down with Ketchup